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Hey you all, you, all of you, who watch me do what I do, be who I be and so on and so forth!

A short and sweetish journal to express my gratitude to all of you who have in the past and continue to support me and my work. The ups and downs of life have pushed me about more then I care to admit, but I'm finally getting a handle on what I need to do to be in control of my destiny. Hey wait, doesn't controlling ones destiny kinda not make sense, cause destiny is that which we do not control? Bah, I'm far too hungry to debate that one, but anywho... As I was saying, I am finally beginning to control my life. I am no longer a slave to my fluctuating brain chemicals. It's hard, it really is, but I had to make a decision. Either call it quits and succumb to my lack of motivation, OR ACT, DO, CHANGE what I needed to change in order to function "properly". The mere thought of quitting art was so painful, that I was able to make that decision rather quickly. I've been holding up pretty well. Some lows are of course still present, but I am doing rather well.

It honestly comes down to three simple things for me. Not easy to apply, but simple to understand.

EAT: Eating well keeps the energy up and the mind active.

SLEEP: Going to bed earlyish and getting up earlyish helps the brain to stay awake when it needs to be.

WORK: Working on a regular basis keeps ones drive active.

This isn't my secret to a successful life, I'm just saying that these are the three things I need to focus on to get better, well, to feel better.

ANYWHO... Thank you so much for always being there no matter how I feel.

DA is good. Yes.
  • Listening to: Daft Punk
  • Reading: Watchmen
  • Watching: TV on my pc, woohoo!
  • Playing: God of War 3
  • Eating: more regularly
  • Drinking: Water.
Ken-Davis Featured By Owner May 14, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
Keep at it Kate. :hug:
BankyOne Featured By Owner May 14, 2010
yes good things! :heart:
tdastick Featured By Owner May 14, 2010
Eat and sleep? My list looks more like:


Only on special occasions do I get to eat or sleep. :(
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Submitted on
May 14, 2010